Financial Services

  1. The One-Time Budget:  I will analyze your current financial situation and develop a realistic budget unique to your lifestyle.  You’re always welcome to reach out to me again too, as a budget is expected to change throughout your life, especially due to any changes in income or expenses (new job, birth of a child, marriage, divorce, etc.).  This basic blueprint will allow you to live within your means and reach your goals.  A budget gives you freedom, as you will know that if you stick to the plan, you can pay off debt, afford your bills, and possibly have room for entertainment, vacations, and more!
  2. The Full Package:  Proper financial planning takes time.  It’s important to establish a relationship so that we can work together to make sure you’re on track to reach your goals.  After establishing and defining our relationship, we’ll gather the information necessary to thoroughly analyze your financial situation.  I’ll develop and provide you with recommendations.  You will decide which options work best for your lifestyle.  At this point, you can decide the frequency of follow-up services to re-analyze your situation, adjust goals, modify recommendations, and ensure you’re on track for a worry-free financial future!
  3. Personal Finance Workshops:  Interested in a personal finance workshop?  Do you know a group at work, school, church, or a community organization that would enjoy an opportunity to learn more about personal finances?  I will design a workshop to meet your needs.  Number of participants will be based on the content and desired level of interaction during the workshop.  Previous workshops included a basic financial overview and completion of a budget in a group setting, tailoring the presentation to include expected expenses with the birth of a child, and basic information on eliminating debt, credit scores, proper credit management, and basic retirement goal setting.
  4. Individualized Services:  With experience as a college-level life skills instructor and a financial counselor, I want to empower you to be self-sufficient and resilient.

Pricing Philosophy:

I am a fee-only financial counselor.  I do not work for commissions, nor do I sell products.  This structure allows you to decide what bests fits your goals and budget.  I realize that saving time and money is important, which is why I strive to maximize your time and hold meetings virtually (phone, internet, or email).  Our relationship will be efficient and effective.  I recognize that this is an investment of time and money; however, it is also a learning process from which you will save money!