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Every Cent Counts – Healthy Habits

Every cent counts! Ready to save money? Commit to healthy New Year habits and you can save over $2,500 annually and barely notice the difference! It’s amazing how small habits lead to big change (figuratively and literally).

With the New Year right around the corner, it is time to commit to some healthy habits (and save money). Many people choose to give things up for their New Year’s resolution, but I think it’s better to start something positive. Instead of giving up candy, chocolate, or soda, why not start walking daily, bike to your errands, or adding a serving of vegetables every day? And, what about finances? I could tell you to save $1 per day, or 15% towards retirement, but how do you actually do that? Try these healthy habits and see how small changes add up fast! Keep Reading!

Blended Retirement System Infographic_12.9.15

The New Military Retirement System

New Military Retirement System 

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The big news in the world of military finance last month was President Obama signing the FY 2016 National Defense Authorization Act finalizing the military retirement overhaul.  There is much debate as to whether the military retirement changes are a good thing for our service members.  With the new military retirement plan, starting in 2018, those who serve less than 20 years will get a retirement account (Thrift Savings Plan – TSP) with an employer match component!  (Currently, service members can contribute to a TSP, but there is no matching contribution from the government.)  Or, is the new military retirement plan a bad thing, as it could be the 1st step towards potential elimination of the well-known military pension plan?  Keep Reading!

Budget Apps

Best Budget Apps

Best Budget Apps

Are you making a budget, but need to make sure it’s accurate?  Or have you already created a budget, but you want to find out if your finances are on track?  Do you want the financial freedom to know you can afford to spend what you are spending?!

Budget App

Last year, as a financial counselor, I knew I needed to “practice what I preach” to my clients and use a financial budgeting app.  I used a budget app for a few months, but I never sat down and actually analyzed the financial data by category.  This New Year, I am going to commit to tracking my expenses AND analyzing the data!  Keep Reading!