Should I Buy The Stock?

How to buy stock? Should you buy this stock? How do you decide whether it’s a good company, a good price, and a good investment?

I’ve taken plenty of finance courses, and just finished an MBA Corporate Finance class, but I still get confused when looking at all of the different stock ratios! How to buy stock? I prefer to just look at the 5-10 year price history and see if it’s at a “low point” or not. But, that’s not how to analyze and determine how to buy stock!

Have you been tracking the stock market closely? How about reading the news about certain companies? I intend to, but after a few days of keeping track, I forget to pay attention to it. It’s hard! That’s one reason I’m thankful that the dollar-cost average method is one of the easiest ways to invest, and investing in index funds typically beats managed funds. But, if you really want to buy a stock, or need to make a large sum initial investment, what should you look for in picking a stock to buy? (Note: It does take time and you need to research and learn about the company.) Keep Reading!