Don’t Pay For TV!

Don’t pay for TV; watch free TV!  As I sit watching my favorite TV shows with my husband, I’m thankful that we don’t pay for TV!

I hate having bills, especially recurring bills, so I avoid them by doing things like figuring out how to watch free TV!  Obviously some things are hard to avoid, like cell phones, car insurance, and utility bills.  And, if I can save money by paying monthly (some insurance plans give discounts for various payment options), I’ll do that…but if I can make a lump sum payment for the same price or less, that’s more my style! Keep Reading!

Airplane at sunset

Travel on a Budget!

Ready to travel? You can travel on a budget and it doesn’t mean you have to go backpacking at hostels or sleep on trains!

I am often asked how I budget for all of my vacations. It’s not hard, it just takes some time to research travel options!

Step 1: Determine how much you can afford to set aside each month to put towards travel! (It’s okay if this amount changes month-to-month, just don’t spend it until you’ve earned it. For example: In January you might be able to afford to set aside $200 for travel, but in February you can afford $700. So if you take a trip in March, you can spend $800!) Keep Reading!