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Mother’s Day Gift Giving Budget!

I hope you had a Happy Mother’s Day! What did you do?

Did you buy your mom a gift? What was it? Was it something she wanted, or something you thought was nice? I have a tendency to want to buy something really cool for my mom on Mother’s Day, but I don’t really know what she wants. So my next thought is a beautiful bouquet of flowers, but man, that can be expensive too! (Especially if you live far away and have to get them delivered.) Whatever it might be, how much did it cost? Did you truly budget for it?

I always thought my gift-giving budget was accurate, until this Mother’s Day. My budget usually has a “gift” category with $50-100 assigned to it. $600-1,200 – that has to be plenty! We don’t buy each other fancy electronics (unless we get an amazing Black Friday deal), and we aren’t very materialistic. Keep Reading!